Ouders van nu about the Babysitting App

More and more parents are using a babysitting app to arrange their child care, this is also confirmed by the article "Who's watching the kids?" in Ouders van nu. In addition to Charly Cares, where all the babysitters are screened carefully, there are also more and more babysitter apps where parents can contact babysitters to find out if they are reliable and fit their family. What do parents look for when arranging a babysitter?

Mother Renske about Charly Cares

You rate the babysitters on their photo and personal description. I think the app is very useful. Especially because you can arrange someone in advance. The only disadvantage of arranging a babysitter, is that you do not always have the same babysitter. But when Tom is sleeping, I do not think that's a big problem.


Many parents try to arrange for child care through friends or family. However, parents will soon find out that it is often difficult to arrange the child care within their own circle, and soon there is a need for a babysitter. For example, mother Nina experienced a babysitter is the solution, especially for spontaneous appointments: 

I used the Babysitting App once and that was certainly repetitive. We needed a babysitter last minute because no one in our circle could babysit that evening. We approached three girls, the one who responded first, came to babysit on our Tony. She was very nice, interested and enthusiastic.


Still, Nina has to get used to the price she has to pay for Charly Cares' babysitters, but she understands why:

The only downside I found was the price: the rate is eight or nine euros per hour. That is just over the five euros per hour that I used to get myself for an evening of babysitting. But yes, if you want a reliable screened babysitter with experience, which is also available last minute, you pay for it.


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