Babysitter plays with the children
Babysitter plays with the children

Need a fixed babysitter in your neighbourhood? Find your babysitter via Charly Cares

Booking a babysitter via Charly Cares is quick and easy, whether it is last-minute, flexible or your fixed babysitter. Finding a fixed babysitter can be challenging for parents living in the big city. We noticed in recent years that people in the city are busier than ever, this also applies to babysitters.

Sometimes babysitters have to break their commitment to families because their plans have changed (unexpectedly). They could have been offered another job or an internship. As for you and your family, this means an extra hurdle in finding a new babysitter who fits your family. Where do you start to find for a reliable babysitter?

Find a fixed Babysitting Angel

Charly Cares has the solution which enables you to book the same babysitter for up to 8 consecutive weeks per time slot. After these 8 weeks you can book another fixed babysitter for the next upcoming weeks, you can even book the same Babysitter Angel again if she is available. 

Do not worry if your babysitter is no longer available, the system creates a new match with other Angels that are available for that time slot. All of our babysitters are personally screened at one of our screening locations and have a minimum of 2 years of babysitting experience.

Book a trustworthy babysitter that fits your family

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Frequently asked questions about booking a fixed babysitter

How can I book a fixed babysitter with the Babysitting App?

1. Choose your desired time block and the number of repetitions (for example, the next 4 mondays from 15:00 - 18:00).

2. Select 3 to a maximum of 5 Babysitting Angels and send your request to them.

3. The Angel who accepts the request first gets the booking.

Can I meet the babysitter beforehand?

As a parent you make a selection of five Angels that you think they fit with your family. You can do this based on the profile and rating or review of the Babysitting Angel. 

Shortly after you can contact the Angel who has accepted your booking as soon as possible via chat. We advise to make a (short) booking for introduction and a briefing. Additionally, it would be a good idea to meet the new babysitter, so your kid(s) get used to the babysitter.

What are the rates for the fixed babysitter?

Depending on your subscription (Flexible or Premium), the costs are € 6 or € 25 p / month respectively.

If you need a fixed booking (for example twice a week) Premium is recommended, because with Premium you do not have any transaction fees.

If you need less babysitting services, but regularly on a day of the week, Flexible is recommended. You pay € 3 transaction fee per babysitting service. 

Calculation example:

Subscription fee:

You will book a Babysitting Angel for the next 4 Mondays and Tuesdays from 15:00 to 18:00.

You are booking a Babysitter Angel for the next 4 Mondays from 15:00 to 18:00.

Premium                                                       Flexible

€ 25 **                                                        € 6 **

Transaction costs
                                                                    4 x € 3 **

Total per month
€ 25 * **                                                      € 18 per maand* **

* This amount is exclusive of the hourly rate of the Babysitter. The hourly rate is between € 6 and € 11, - per hour.

** Rates include 21% VAT.

What should I do in case of illness or a last-minute cancellation?

As an Angel, you can only cancel a booking with high exceptions such as illness or family circumstances. This must take place at least 24 hours before the babysitting service begins, as follows:

The Angel does not contact the parents and expires the cancellation process via Charly Cares.
De Angel calls +31 (0)20 210 23 23 to cancel the booking. The booking has only been canceled after confirmation from one of our employees.
Charly Cares contacts the parents and, if necessary, arranges a (Last-minute) Babysitting Angel.

What if a babysitter has given commitment to 8 repetitions, but is not able to come anymore?

The babysitter agreement is concluded between the parent and the babysitter. If this agreement is terminated by the babysitter, Charly Cares may decide to remove the babysitter from the platform, as indicated in the standarts of conduct

Charly Cares helps parents with finding a solution and they will together assess the behaviour of the Babysitting Angel. The parents give the Babysitting Angel in particular a rating and review

I want to book the same babysitter for two times in the week. Is that possible?

Example: I would like to have a babysitter for the next 8 weeks every Monday and Friday from 15:00 to 18:00.

In this case, you make two queries, one for Monday from 15:00 to 18:00 and one for Friday from 15:00 to 18:00.

Note: This request is likely to be filled in with two different Angels.

Can I negotiate the Angel's hourly rate for repeated bookings?

Charly Cares discourages parents from negotiating the hourly rate of the babysitter. If you think the hourly rate of the babysitter is too high, you can choose to find another babysitter with a lower hourly rate.

Can I cancel or change a fixed booking?

If the request is accepted, the bookings will be shown in "My Bookings" by timeframe.

Cancel: Would you like to cancel one booking? Then you can click 'My Bookings' in 'Cancel Bookings.' Read more about the cancellation fee.

Change: Use the chat function with the Angel in particular to change the start time or end time of one booking. In the Babysitting Timer you can change the start time and end time after the babysitting service. It's important to discuss this with the Babysitting Angel!

Can I get a childcare allowance for a fixed babysitter via Charly Cares?


Under the Settlement house services, both customers and helpers must be private. The babysitter does not pay VAT for the babysitter service, which is covered by the Settlement house services. In this case, the parent does not pay VAT for the babysitting service.

Babysitter with child
Babysitter with child

Fixed and personally screened

As a parent you want a reliable babysitter to take care of your children. For that reason we personally screen each of our Babysitting Angels at one of our screening locations. The screening is based on a protocol. Every screening is handled with care and full attention. After every babysitting service the parents review their babysitter with our star rating system. It is also possible to write a review. These reviews are visible to all parents that have a membership at Charly Cares. This way, we offer a transparent environment for parents who are looking for a fixed babysitter.

Most of our Babysitting Angels are (university) students or recent graduates who babysit as a part time job. In most cases, our babysitters started babysitting children when they were teenagers. About 65% of our babysitters is educated in a child related field such as teaching (assistant) or pedagogy. In addition, some Angels have additional experience as a certified nanny or have a (children’s) First Aid certificate.

Read more about our screening
Babysitter plays with children
Babysitter plays with children

Ratings & review

Our goal is to make the quality and the performance of the Angels as transparent and reliable as possible. We do this in cooperation with the parents, who review the babysitter after each service on the basis of a star rating system. Parents can also write a written review in addition to the star rating. Just like the rating system, these reviews are visible to other parents. Written reviews helps other parents to have a better expectation of the babysitting service/experience. These reviews are visible for all parents. Charly Cares monitors these reviews and intervenes if necessary. Charly Cares stands for creating a safe and transparent online environment. Read the reviews.

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