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A fixed babysitter has many advantages. Whether your kids are already in school and need to be picked up or if you have a little one at home, or even both: a fixed babysitter offers peace and quiet! Book your fixed babysitter today through Charly Cares.

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Fixed Babysitting Angels

Where do you start to look for an experienced and trusted fixed babysitter? Do you ask the girl next door? Or a family member? What if your fixed babysitter is no longer available all of a sudden because her plans have changed? Charly Cares understands that finding a fixed babysitter can be a challenge for busy urban parents. Students often have a (study)schedule that changes every 12 weeks. Because of this, this group often finds it difficult to commit for a longer period. Plans change, an internship or dream job is offered, leaving you, the parent, with a problem. How do you find a fixed babysitter on short notice?

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Read experiences from our parents

Kim from Amsterdam

“We have had Carolina look after the kids a couple of times now. She is great with them! Our boy (4) is so excited to have her over and our girl (going on 2) is very comfortable with Carolina. She is confident with the kids and such a pleasure to have around. We feel absolutely at ease leaving the kids in her care. Carolina has a very friendly , open and sweet personality . We look forward to having her over again”

Yasemin from Amsterdam

“Marloes was right on time, and with a beautifulsmile. All went great. Our son was asleep during the time that is why I can’t comment more on the interaction with our baby but I’m sure it would have been great:) ”

Elisavet from 's-Gravenhage

“Magda is very professional and kind. I strongly recommend her.”

Soraya from Amsterdam

“Goeie eerste kennismaking! Alles verliep soepel. Bedankt voor deze eerste ervaring!”

Caterine from Amsterdam

“Many thanks for coming so super early!! ”

Do from Rotterdam

“Julia totally gets our daughter Charlie, she’s interested, and is into games, sports activities etc..Julia gies the extra mile..we love that,and Charlie needs that..”

Jorge from 's-Gravenhage

“Dounia was fantastic. Very caring, helpful and responsible. My two kids (3&5) liked her a lot and us too! Looking forward to book her again.”

Aniko from Utrecht

“Annemiek was great, kids love her”

Lisa from Amsterdam

“Julia is very nice. The kids really liked her. She was on time, great at keeping in touch and flexible when things changed up a bit. I highly recommend her.”

Abby from 's-Gravenhage

“This is the second time Michelle has babysat for us. She was great putting my son to bed for his nap and playing with him when he was up. ”

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Personally screened Babysitting Angel


As a parent, there is of course nothing you want more than a trusted babysitter to come to your house. For this reason, we screen all our Babysitting Angels in person at one of the Charly Cares offices. Okay, so, what does that mean? The screenings happen through our carefully designed screenings protocol. This means that we can and will be quite critical! For example, our Babysitting Angels can only babysit new-borns if they can prove that they have adequate baby experience. Within this category, we differentiate between Newborn (0-6 months), Baby (6-12 months) and Toddler (12-24 months).

During the screening, questions about bottle-feeding, sleep schedules and changing diapers will be discussed. Only Babysitting Angels with this specific experience will be matched with families with new-borns. That way, you can be confident in leaving your child with this fixed babysitter. Quite comforting.

The “Pro”-icon


If you see the “Pro”-icon in a Babysitting Angel’s profile, you will know that that specific babysitter, besides his or her own babysitting experience, also has completed child/care related training. Examples of this can be pabo, pedagogy, or medicine-students. Or how about Angels who have worked at a day-care, or have been an au pair.

Even if they do not have the “Pro”-icon, you can still be sure that they love babysitting and make the conscious decision to do it. Charly Cares also offers a Children’s First Aid workshop to parents and Babysitting Angels alike. This will be indicated in their Angel Profile and can be quite comforting to know.

Ratings & reviews


To us, it is important to keep the quality and functioning of the Babysitting Angels as clear and reliable as possible. Luckily, you can help us do so! You can after each babysitting service rate your babysitter using a star rating.

You can also choose to write a review about the babysitter. This will, along with the rating, be visible to other parents. Great for us, for you, and for other families!

The ratings are continuously and meticulously monitored by Charly Cares and we intervene when necessary. Creating a safe and transparent online environment is what Charly Cares is all about. For sure!

Book a fixed babysitter who fits you family with confidence!

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Frequently asked questions about booking a fixed babysitter

How do I book a Fixed Babysitting Angel?

Fixed Babysitting Angel: Go to book → enter your babysitting moment → repeat the booking for the number of weeks you need a fixed babysitter → search for available Angels → select 5 babysitting angels → write a personal message and send the request!

Can I book a Babysitting Angels for more than 12 consecutive weeks?

Unfortunately not, because we work mostly with students, who have a changing (school)schedule. They often cannot commit to a period longer than 12 weeks. Of course, you can book your Babysitting Angel again when she is still available after the initial 12 weeks.

Can I meet the Babysitting Angel beforehand?

Sure! Create a booking for the moment you need a babysitter. After an Angel has accepted the booking, you can agree to meet through the chat or you can call the Angel directly. If you would prefer to meet in person, you can make a short booking of two hours to get to know eachother.