Conduct of Babysitting Angels

As a babysitter you visit the homes of several families. You will work with families with children of all ages, habits and values. Each family has their own daily routine and it is important that you are there as babysitter to handle as well as possible. Parents lay the responsibility in your hands and want to feel confident pulling the door behind them. Therefore Charly Cares considers it important that her Babysitting Angels are aware of this responsibility and also know how to act on it. This conduct includes the elements what a Babysitter Angel should do during her babysitting services. In this way, Charly Cares wants to provide a safe and secure environment for both Angel, parent and child. When you look through our online platform, we ask you to read these policies and act below. When the Babysitting Angel is in breach with this code of conduct, Charly Cares will contact the Angel. Charly Cares will annul the profile of the Angel at heavy exceeding of any of the rules above. In any form of violence or intimidation Charly Cares will be forced to report this to the police. The Angel is aware of the General Conditions (User Agreement, Babysitter Agreement and Privacy Statement) from Charly Cares.