Find a trusted babysitter with the Charly Cares Babysitting App

1Book easy and fast!

1Book easy and fast!

What do you have to do? It’s simple: sign up in 4 steps through the Charly Cares Babysitting App. Enter your criteria and immediately see which Babysitting Angels are available in your neighbourhood! Great, right?

2 Screening and reviews

2 Screening and reviews

Our Babysitting Angels are personally and thoroughly screened. After each babysitting service, the parent rates the Angel in the Babysitting App through a star rating. They can also write a review.

3Direct contact through the Chat

3Direct contact through the Chat

The Charly Cares App has an integrated chat, so you can easily discuss important issues with the Babysitting Angel about the babysitting service. Another great use of the chat is during the babysitting service!

4Easy online payment

4Easy online payment

During the babysitting service, there will be a timer in the app. It will start running when you leave and you yourself stop it when you come back home. Super easy, because the babysitter will get paid directly through the app! No more fumbling for cash. How nice!

Book a fixed, after school, flexible & last minute babysitter!

Go to your meeting/workday/date night feeling confident, because 100% of our trusted Babysitting Angels are waiting for you in the Charly Cares Babysitting App. Sign up now and have a look at the Angels that are available.


The Babysitting App

What will happen in case of any damages?

The Babysitting Angels and families must be insured for damage resulting from the babysitting service. The Angels are obliged to have a liability insurance for individuals (private). In case of damage, please contact our Customer Service within 24 hours on (020) 210 2323.

How can I log in to my profile?

Go to our website and you will see in the top right corner the button ‘Login’. Click on the button and select ‘I am a babysitter’ or ‘I am a parent’. Enter your email address and password. If you have any problems with logging in, please contact us via or (020) 210 23 23.

The app crashes and/or it shows an error, now what?

Try to restart our Babysitting App:
1. Press 2 times on the home button and swipe the Charly Cares app away.
2. Then restart the app again.

If the restart does not work:
1. Remove the app completely.
2. Download the app again from the App Store / Google Play store.

If this also fails, please contact Charly Cares

Can I make a booking without using the Babysitting App?

It's important that we receive a rating and review after every babysitting service, this only when bookings are made through the Charly Cares App. It's not a problem when you approach Babysitting Angels via WhatsApp, but make sure the bookings are always through the app.

When we notice that a babysitter of Charly Cares babysits without seeing the bookings in our system, the babysitter will no longer be able to babysit via Charly Cares and will receive a fine of €500,-.

My web application does not run or gets stuck

The web application is the platform for desk-/laptop.
1. Check the internet connection!

2. Try to refresh the page/refresh:
In most browsers next to the URL ( there is a revolving dart. Press this icon and the page will be updated/refreshed.

3. When refreshing/reloading fails:
1. Shut down the web application by pressing the button ‘log out’.
2. Re-open it in the web application and log in again.

If this also fails, contact Charly Cares

I only see a white screen on the app

When the app does not react, try these three steps:

Step 1. No internet or slow internet:
a. Close the app and then restart it.
b. Wait at least 90 seconds to test whether the cause is slow internet.
c. When it all fails -> go to Step 2 or Step 3.

Step 2. Try to start the app again:
a. Press 2 times on the home button and swipe the Charly Cares app away.
b. Then restart the app again.

Step 3. If the restart does not work:
a. Remove the app completely
b. Download the app again from the App Store / Google Play Store

If this also fails, contact Charly Cares via

I do not receive emails anymore

Check if your email address is written correctly or that you receive our emails in your ‘junk/spam mailbox’. In all cases we recommend that you contact us via