Do you like babysitting?
Do you like babysitting?

Do you want to earn some money quick and work flexible at the same time? Become a Babysitting Angel

As a student you have a busy and irregular schedule. Still it would be nice to earn some extra money. At Charly Cares you can combine your school and work very easily, because you can choose when you want to work! Sign up for free and make an appointment for a screening.

Become a Babysitting Angel
  • Flexible work

    In the Babysitting App you can schedule your own online calendar, so you can choose when you want to work and when you do not want to work. By doing this you only have to work when you prefer to!

  • Free Babysitting App

    Via the integrated Chat in the free app, you can easily communicate with the families that booked you.

  • Online payment

    After each babysitting service the payment wille be processed automatically and you will receive your money within 4 days. Super easy!

  • The best families

    Charly Cares offers the best families in your own neighbourhood!

Enthusiastic? Register now! And join us at one of our screening locations. We have a Babysitting Network at the nicest families in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, Rotterdam and Utrecht. To be sure you can babysit at reliable families, we contact the families after registration to welcome them. So you can babysit at your babysitting family without worrying. 

The Babysitting Angels
The Babysitting Angels

Only babysit when you are available and interested!

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Charly with Babysitting Angel
Charly with Babysitting Angel

Personal screening How does a personal screening looks like?

Arranging a new babysitter can be quite exciting for parents. Most important is that the kids are in good hands and that the parents can close the door with a peace of mind.

For that reason Charly Cares personally screens each (future) Babysitting Angel before they can enter our online Babysitting App. During the interview we test the babysitter on different criteria:

✓ CV, references & background check

✓ Minimal 2 years babysitting experience with children of different ages during day and night

✓ At least 2 references

✓ Proactive, flexible, reliable

✓ Communicative and social skills

✓ Able to download the app on your smartphone

Do you meet with the terms of Charly Cares? Then you can call yourself a Babysitting Angel after the screening.

Before you go to the interview, please read our Conduct for Babysitting Angels.

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Meet our Babysitting Angel

"I like playing with kids and to learn from them. I like to watch them discover the world, that is my favourite part, oh and the cuddles! Charly Cares has the parents trust, their most prized possession are children and are in hands of your company, so it is important that you get to know the babysitters, to make sure you can trust them."

Experience of Babysitting Angels

"Babysitting through Charly Cares is my ideal job! For me, flexibility is essential as I am very busy with my study and I also like to enjoy my student life a little bit more. The app of Charly Cares is also very nice, so I can close my agenda if I'm too busy, really ideal! ".


"At the screening we decide my hourly rate together, parents know what you earn, so there is no discussion afterwards. Very nice! Babysitting is the best job as an extra experience in addition to my study at the PABO. "


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Ons Charly Cares Community bestaat uit een groot netwerk van ouders en Oppas Angels. Hoe leuk is het om ervaringen van andere oppassen of ouders te lezen?! Our Charly Cares Community contains of a large network from parents and Babysitting Angels. You can read the stories of other babysitters and parents!

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