Do you like babysitting?
Do you like babysitting?

Make some quick cash while working flexible hours? Become a Babysitting Angel

As a student, you often have a busy and irregular schedule. It would still be nice to make some extra money. With Charly Cares, this is easy, because you can indicate yourself when you want to work! Sign up for free and make an appointment for the interview!

  • Flexible hours

    In the app, you can use the online calendar to indicate when you do and when you don’t want to work. So you only have to work when you can!

  • Best families in your neighbourhood

    Charly Cares offers the best families in your own neighbourhood!

  • Online payment

    After each babysitting service, the payment will be automatically processed and the money will be in your account within 4 days. Super easy!

  • Free Babysitting App

    Through the integrated Chat in the free app, you can communicate with the families who booked you with ease.

Have we managed to get you excited? Sign up now! Come by one of our interview locations. We have babysitting work available with the best families in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, Rotterdam and Utrecht, Den Haag, Leiden, Eindhoven and several places in Het Gooi. To make sure you can babysit for trusted families, we always call new parents immediately after they sign up to get to know them. So you can go to your new babysitting address with no worries.

The Babysitting Angels
The Babysitting Angels

Only babysit when you can and want to!

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Charly with Babysitting Angel
Charly with Babysitting Angel

Personal interview What does the interview look like?

Finding a new babysitter can be quite nerve-wracking for a parent. Where can you find a trusted babysitter nowadays? The most important thing is that the children are in good hands and that the parents can leave their children with you with no worries.

For that reason, Charly Cares meets all future Babysitting Angels, before they will be admitted to our Community. During the interview, we quiz you regarding several criteria such as (specific) babysitting experience, background and motivation:

✓ Resume check, 2 references & background information

✓ Affinity with children

✓ Proactive, trustworthy and communicative

✓ Experience with kids of all ages

✓ Relevant babysitting experience

It is also important that you can download the Charly Cares Babysitting App on your phone. Do you fit the picture and meet the Charly Cares’ criteria? Then you can call yourself a Babysitting Angel after the interview!

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Meet Babysitting Angel Pom

“What I really like is that you can manage your own calendar, so you can indicate beforehand when you want to work. Another big benefit is that you’re booked through the app, which is really of this time and nice for everyone!”

Experiences from Babysitting Angels

“Babysitting through Charly Cares is my ideal job! To me, the flexibility is essential because I am quite busy with my studies and I also like to enjoy my student life. The Charly Cares app is very chill, because I can block my calendar if I’m too busy, which is ideal!”


“During the interview my hourly rate was determined, meaning my hourly rate was fixed and I no longer have to negotiate about my rate, parents know what you earn so there is no discussion afterwards. Really great! Babysitting to me is the best job and great for extra experience besides my studies at the PABO.”


Read the story of All Star Angel Laila

Our Charly Cares Community consist of a large network of parents and Babysitting Angels. How great is it to read experiences from other babysitters and parents?!

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