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Charly Cares has Babysitting Angels in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, The Hague, Haarlem, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and, as of recently, Leiden! In these regions, Angels are ready to babysit your children. Whether you are looking for a fixed, flexible, last-minute or after-school babysitter in your neighbourhood, Charly Cares will always find you a match. All babysitters are screened and experienced. Create a profile quick and easy and find a Babysitting Angel who fits your family.

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Can’t find your postal code area? Keep an eye on our website. We will soon go live in even more cities!




Do you live in Amsterdam and are you looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood? Our Babysitting Angels from Amsterdam cannot wait!



Are you in Amstelveen and looking for the perfect babysitter in your neighbourhood? Charly Cares has found you one!

Haarlem 2


Want to go to the Jopenkerk in the beautiful town of Haarlem and looking for a babysitter? Charly Cares has the Babysitting Angels for you!


The Hague

Let our Babysitting Angels take your kids to the beautiful beaches of The Hague! Anything goes and you can go to work feeling great.



A night out at Tivoli in Utrecht? Find a last-minute Babysitting Angel in your neighbourhood!



Do you live in Rotterdam and are you looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood? Our Babysitting Angels are at your service. So you can go to work feeling great.



Looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood in Eindhoven? Look no further, because Charly Cares has the perfect Babysitting Angel for you.



Do you live in Leiden and are you looking for a babysitter in your neighbourhood? Our trusted and experience Babysitting Angels can babysit for you any time.



Oh my! Charly Cares is going to London! Do you live or know someone living in London in need of a babysitter? Then our trusted Babysitting Angels are the solution.

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Reviews from parents about the Babysitting AngelsRating & reviews

Beatrice from Amsterdam

“Marit is very nice and sweet. My daughter really enjoyed playing with her!”

Ivan from Amsterdam

“Perfect first day!!!”

Enid from Amsterdam

“My daughter had a great time with Yasmina, super punctual, profesional and easy going. ”

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