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Have you been looking for an experienced and reliable babysitter from your own neighbourhood for a while now? With Charly Cares you can easily and quickly book a reliable babysitter that is from your own neighbourhood. Charly Cares understands that you do not want to leave your children behind with just anyone. Our app matches parents with personally screened babysitters from their neighbourhood. All of our Angels have a minimum of two years babysitting experience and all of them have been personally screened at our one of offices. Book a fixed, flexible or last-minute Babysitting Angel without any worries.

Your favorite Babysitting Angel lives right around the corner! This could be in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Utrecht, Haarlem or The Hague. In the future we hope to be active in other cities as well. The Babysitting Angels know the city they live in very well. This is important so that they can pick up the kids from school, take them to a nearby playground or park. Last minute booking is also no problem for our babysitters.

Playing together.
Playing together.

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Do you want to find a babysitter in your own neighbourhood? Sign up on our website and fill in your personal profile. You can choose a membership that fits your family’s needs the best.  Do you need a babysitter occasionally or on a fixed basis? Charly Cares offers both options! Select the desired day and time when you need a babysitter. Our app will show which babysitters live closest to your neighbourhood. Book a Babysitting Angel so that you can leave your house without any babysitting stress!

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Finding a babysitter online can be exciting. It is important that your children are in good hands, so you can go out without worrying about your children. As a parent you only want the best for your family. Charly Cares understands that experienced and reliable babysitters are important for every family. Therefore we screen every babysitter personally on one of our screening locations. 

Rating en review

Our goal is to make the quality of the Babysitting Angels as transparant and reliable as possible. This is happens in collaboration with the parents, they give every babysitter after every babysitting service a rating. Further it is possible to write a review about the Babysitting Angel and babysitting service.

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Reviews from parents about the Babysitting AngelsRating & reviews

Emily from 's-Gravenhage

“Amarin seems very friendly and easy going. She didn’t meet our son as he was sleeping, but hopefully next time. Thanks!”

Anna from Amsterdam

“She was very nice! Would recommend her!”

Gijs from Amsterdam

“Top gedaan! Heel flexibel”

Catherine from Amsterdam


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