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Are you having trouble finding a babysitter in Utrecht? You can book a reliable Babysitting Angel via the Charly Cares app simple and fast. Sign up for a personal account and choose your favourite babysitter.

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You can book a Babysitting Angel for any occasion like unexpected meetings at work, a night out with friends and when you need some quality time for yourself. Or you can book a regular, flexible or last-minute babysitter for when you are sightseeing in the bubbling town of Utrecht. With our Babysitting Angels you do not have to worry because the kids will be in good hands.

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Reading books together
Reading books together

No more last-minute babysitting stress

With Charly Cares you can book a babysitter up to 3 hours in advance. You can make a booking 7 days a week for the morning, afternoon and evening. And create your own flexible babysitting pool with your favourite Babysitting Angels. This way, you do not have to miss out on fun times with friends. Charly Cares makes you say “yes” to plans even when they are unexpected.

Playing with eachother
Playing with eachother

Personally screened and reliable

All of our babysitting Angels are personally screened at our office in Utrecht. We devote a lot of time and attention to the selection of our babysitters. Before they are allowed to babysit via Charly Cares they are required to have a minimum of 2 years of babysitting experience with children of all ages (during day and night) and carry two references. We also check their resume and background information. During the interview we ask critical questions. Based on our policy we decide if the babysitter is allowed to babysit via Charly Cares. If the babysitter passes the screening, they can call themselves a Babysitting Angel.

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Rebecca from Haarlem

“Fantastic as always. The kids love when Nika comes to sit for them!”

Stefanie from 's-Gravenhage

“Johanna was lovely amd played with the kids. It was no trouble leaving and the th were sound asleep when we arrived home. We would love to have her back again.”

Rachel from Amsterdam


Agatha from Eindhoven

“Iza is really kind, I recommend her.”

Inge from Haarlem

“Fijne oppas!”

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