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Are you looking for an original gift for a birthday or baby shower? Give this Babysitter Gift Card of Charly Cares, so your friends can enjoy a night out. 

The gift cards can be ordered at the following cities: Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, Utrecht and The Hague.

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Parents reviews about the Babysitting Angels

Emily from 's-Gravenhage

“Amarin seems very friendly and easy going. She didn’t meet our son as he was sleeping, but hopefully next time. Thanks!”

Anna from Amsterdam

“She was very nice! Would recommend her!”

Gijs from Amsterdam

“Top gedaan! Heel flexibel”

Catherine from Amsterdam


Camilla from Amsterdam

“Thankyou! I added 1/2 hour and a tip because you had a lot to do today and also picked up the keys ahead of time. Thankyou so much and I look forward to seeing you next week :)”

Katie-Rose from Amsterdam

“My daughter took to Anna right away and by the end of her four hours was telling her she loved her. I think that’s a pretty good sign!”

Giuliana from Amsterdam

“Floor was great! Absolutely loved her attitude and felt so comfortable leaving her with my son. Really positive attitude!”

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Quality is number one

Personally screened Babysitting Angels

Screening Min

Charly Cares wants to offer every family a reliable babysitter, therefore screening of the babysitter is essential. Each babysitter is personally screened at one of our screening locations. During the screening the background information, specific babysitting experience and references of the babysitter will be checked. After a successful screening, the Babysitting Angel is assessed by the parent after each childcare.

Fixed, flexible & last minute babysitter

Usp Min

As a working parent, the balance between work and private life is essential, a babysitter can offer the solution to guarantee this balance. We offer Fixed Babysitting Angels for parents who need a babysitter on a regular basis. For now and then our Flexible Babysitter Angels are ready to jump in where necessary. For unexpected appointments or spontaneous outings, we offer a last minute babysitter up to 3 hours in advance.

Ratings & Reviews after every Babysitting Service

App Mockup Min

Every Babysitting Angel is assessed by the parent after a Babysitting Service by means of a rating, possibly supplemented by a review. Charly Cares monitors these assessments and intervenes if necessary. In this way we continuously monitor our Babysitting Service and offer transparency to the parent.

Give the Babysitter Gift Card for these holidays

With the Babysitting Gift Card, other dads and moms can be surprised with this exclusive gift!

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