Are you a saving Angel?!

Do you have a gapyear, are you just graduated or do you have a lot of time beside your study to earn some extra money? Then you are a saving Angel who can help parents in their search for afterschool care. Let us know & then we are able to make a match with our fun families!

What to do?

Fill in your calendar so you can be booked on the days that you are available. Good to know: when you keep your calendar up to date, You'll appear higher in the search results. This way there is a big chance you’ll get booked faster and be assured of babysitting the cutest kids!


Make them happy!

You’ll pick up the kids from school, play with them & cook a nice meal. So, you’ll make this family super happy!

As a fixed babysitter you are going to babysit 1 to 3 times a week & you can be booked for 8 weeks in a row. Perfect if you would like to be flexible, but want to work regularly.Make some moneys & still have enough time to do fun things!


Charly Cares is giving away 5x a year membership for LINDA.MEIDEN! Perfect for some me-time after all the hard work. What to do to make a chance? Update your calendar and set your preferences to available for fixed bookings. Make sure this is done before the 26th of August & win!


Babysitting Angel Emma ☆ talks about babysitting while writing her thesis:

“While writing my thesis, it is very usefull to have fixed babysitting moments every week. This way I know exactly when I am going to babysit and when I can work on my thesis. On Wednesday and Friday I pick up the kids from school, we are going to the park or play games at home. The eldest I help with homework and on Wednesday I cook for the family as well!”

*Every Angel that has updated her/his calender in the Charly Cares App before Sunday 26th of August, will have a chance to win a LINDA.MEIDEN annual subscription. Carly Cares will announce the 5 winners on Monday 27th of August on Instagram. Besides this the winners will receive a personal e-mail. Charly Cares is entitled to replace the price with an alternative due to unforeseen circumstances and is in no way responsible.