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An after-school babysitter you can book easily with Charly Cares!

Are you at work and your kids are still in school? Then the After-school Babysitting Angel from Charly Cares is perfect for you. The babysitter can pick your kids up from school do fun things with them, makes sure their homework is done in time and can also cook a delicious meal for the whole family. That way, you can come home relaxed and enjoy your children even more. How nice is that!

  • Pick-up from school

  • Homework buddy

  • The babysitter cooks for the whole family

Trusted babysitter

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At Charly Cares, transparency and trustworthiness are paramount. This means that we will do everything we can to get a clear image of our Babysitting Angels. You can, after a babysitting service, rate your after-school babysitter, through the star rating system. We also offer you the opportunity to write a review, if you want.

If anything is not right or if you are unsatisfied, we will handle it. A transparentprofile is nice for you, for us and for the babysitter!

Best fit

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Nice right, and after-school babysitter. But what if you have multiple kids or the
babysitter needs to take the car? Or if your child needs to go to hockey or
another after-school activity? Oh, no worries, through our Babysitting App you
can easily book a babysitter with a driver’s license. You can say what you want
and it will also be in the Babysitting Angel’s profile.

It might be best to let the babysitter test drive your car once, so she can get used
to it. You can always plan a free meeting with the new Babysitting Angel, so you
can see if there is a match.

Familiar faces

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Whether you book a fixed or after-school babysitter: it is always preferable if you have the same babysitter every time. At least for the child, so he or she is not faced with continually different, but fixed faces. With Charly Cares, it is possible to book a babysitter for 12 continuous weeks for 2 fixed days. Is the Babysitting Angel available for more than 2 days, then she will of course let you know. Is it not possible? Then we can always help you take care of the third or fourth day with a different Babysitting Angel. After these 12 weeks, you can book the same babysitter(s) for a new period, if your Babysitting Angels is available of course!

Read experiences from our parentsAbout the Babysitting Angels

Martin from 's-Gravenhage

“Perfectly on time and super friendly ”

Tundi from 's-Gravenhage

“She was nice. Easily making contact with my daughter attentive what she was saying and my daughter enjoyed listening the bedtime stories she read to her. ”

Charlotte from Eindhoven

“Mariska is very smiley and friendly. Our son was in bed when Mariska arrived and woke up crying just before we left. She very calmly and confidently put him back to sleep and then he slept soundly until our return”

Annika from Amsterdam

“Fantastic babysitter! Our boys liked her from the beginning! Almost forgot to say good bye to us when we left! Hope she will come back!”

Pamela from Heemstede

“We love Evelyn ! Fun and reliable ”

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