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A business or company babysitter?

For many parents, working from home with children around can be challenging. Supporting your staff with a business babysitter can be a valuable fringe benefit, as it will potentially increase productivity and allow your staff to truly focus when working from home. And, with Charly Cares Business, supporting your employees in this way is now possible! With this business solution, your staff can book a company babysitter, so that they can continue to work productively from home.

  • Increase productivity

  • Good employment practices

  • Happy employees

A fixed or after-school babysitter for staff

To work productively from home, a good working environment is essential. However, children can disturb or interfere with this environment. A fixed or after-school company babysitter for your staff can offer a solution. A fixed babysitter will take care of the children for the whole day; you can view a fixed babysitter as a replacement of regular childcare. An after-school babysitter can pick the kids up from school and help them with their homework. Moreover, Charly Cares babysitters will adapt to your routine and can also help with light household chores.

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A business babysitter as fringe benefit

Surprise your employees with a babysitter as a fringe benefit. You can already do so starting at €10,- per hour in one of two simple ways:

  1. Your employees can book a babysitter as often as needed (up to a pre-set limit). You will receive a weekly overview of all booked hours.
  2. You make a fixed amount available per employee. You staff can use this budget to book a babysitter themselves in our app.
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A reliable company babysitter

A Charly Cares Babysitting Angel is not just any babysitter. Before gaining access to our app, aspiring Angels are extensively screened. During the screening, we discuss background, motivation, and experience. Parents also rate the (business) babysitter after each babysitting service. They do so by leaving a rating and review, which will then become visible to all our users. We also monitor these ratings and reviews continuously and intervene when necessary.

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Childcare all across the Netherlands

Charly Cares Business is available everywhere in the Netherlands. Employees can even invite their own babysitter to the platform. They will then be able to book this babysitter via our platform, meaning that every parent, no matter where they live, can make use of our platform and business service.

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A business or company babysitter for your staff?

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