Valentine's Day in The Hague The best things to do on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, you hate it or you love it! Do you think it's too commercial? Or do you love the romance? Whichever way you feel, it's impossible to let Valentine's Day pass you by entirely. On Valentine's, it's all about each other and love. That's why we've compiled a list with our favourite date tips in The Hague just for you. And while you and your partner spend some quality time together, your favourite Babysitting Angel will take care of the kids at home.

Rooftop Bar Bleyenberg
Rooftop Bar Bleyenberg

#1 The sky is the limit! - Hit up a rooftop bar

Enjoy a romantic date complete with amazing views of the capital at rooftop bar Bleyenberg or The Penthouse. Right in the city centre, yet you imagine yourself in a different world.

#2 Enjoy yourself at Dekxels

A true recommendation from the whole Charly Cares team: restaurant Dekxels. Their small dishes are a combination of Asian and Mediterranean flavours. Perfect to share, or do you prefer the full 3 course menu?

#3 A breath of fresh air on the beach at De Waterreus

Be sure not to skip Scheveningen on a beautiful winter day. Beach restaurant de Waterreus, near the lighthouse, is open during winter. Warm yourself after a brisk walk on the beach over the crackling open fire.

#4 Celebrate love at Stan&Love

Hit up the new hotspot Stan&Co in De Passage. On Valentine's Day, they celebrate love and serve a special sharing dinner; because what is more loving than sharing with someone close to you? Be sure to make a reservation ahead, so you'll be ensured this lovely dinner.

#5 Meneer Chocola

On Valentine's Day, chocolate surely cannot be missed. Visit Meneer Chocola on the Keizersstraat and enjoy a delicious chocolate tart, brownies, or fresh croissants while enjoying the French atmosphere.

Book your favourite Babysitting Angel

Did we inspire you with our Valentine's ideas and are you ready to plan your romantic Valentine's date? Book your favourite Babysitting Angel now, so you can leave the children at home without having to worry.

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