Charly Cares provides help to parents on October the 5th:National teachers' strike

Thursday, October 5th, many teachers in primary and special education will have a national teachers' strike. This strike is about fair pay and less work pressure in primary education. Charly Cares arranged a lot of available babysitters during this teachers' strike in case busy parents have not found a babysitter yet. Therefore every parent gets € 20,- babysitting credits to arrange a babysitter via Charly Cares.

Arrange your babysitter via a Babysitting App

Charly Cares provides last-minute, flexible and fixed babysitter with the help of an online Babysitting App. The app, available in the App Store and Google Play, brings parents in touch with a reliable babysitter from your neighbourhood. All 6000 babysitters of Charly Cares are personally screened babysitters from 16 years and older, mostly student or recently graduated.

Parents and babysitters are matched via an online system, Charly Cares has built a number of innovative features in the matching system so that every parent can book a babysitter with confidence.

"Charly Cares also provides babysitters for children who need special care. Most babysitters have a medicine or educational background."

Charlotte van der Straten

Teacher's Strike October 5th

Specially for all parents who have not (yet) found a babysitter during the teachers' strike, do not worry! Charly Cares arranged a lot of available babysitters this Tursday, October 5th. In addition, Charly Cares gives a little extra to all new parents: whoever books an Angel on this Thursday receives € 20,- babysitting credits. This can be used immediately or used at a later time.