This is what the ideal day out in the sun looks like for you kids (without you having to be around!)

We’re having such lovely weather! Amazing. Warm temperatures. Lots of sunshine. Much needed after a long winter. Still, chances are you have to work and you would still like your kids to go out and have fun. So, what does an ideal day look like? Charly Cares gives tips!

Because sitting inside when the sun is out is not good. The kids need to be outside! How do you make sure a sunny day goes according to plan? Here we go:

Want binnen zitten met mooi weer is niks. De kinderen moeten lekker buiten zijn! Hoe zorg je ervoor dat zo’n zonnige dag volgens plan verloopt? Komt-ie:

#1. First of all: book a Babysitting Angel

Not all grandpa’s and grandma’s like the heat and you cannot get all warm days off! Sad, but true. That’s where the Charly Cares Babysitting Angels come in. They take care of the little ones, but can also pick your child up from school if you want. So you can go to work knowing the kids are safe and happy and that they’ve soaked up the sun.

#2. Always have the sunscreen at hand

Whether or not the sun is shining, sunscreen is very important this time of year! Even in the shade. Our Babysitting Angels will apply Naïf’s sunscreen to your kids and we even have a great promotion for you. So you will never be without sunscreen. Oh and…. The Naïf products are free of chemical filters and contain only natural ingredients. So your child can enjoy the sun responsibly.

#3. Create a nice little booklet for the babysitter

It’s always nice to create a kind of ‘hotspot’ booklet in which you collect the best beaches/parks/playgrounds, to which the kids can go with the babysitter when the sun is out. Tip from Charly: put an envelop in it with some cash, so they can go out for ice-cream.

#4. Get everything ready for an ‘after spa’

A day in the sun is lovely, but cooling down afterwards is also very important. Provide some instructions for the Babysitting Angel. Put some cucumber slices in the fridge, put the Naïf Cooling Aftersun on the table, and put a large bowl outside for the kids to soak their feet in. Baby on board? Make sure the little one is only wearing a short-sleeved romper and apply some lovely – natural – after sun. And, if it’s really warm in the house: put a frozen bottle of water in front of the fan. This way, you can create AC-effect.