7 x how to kickstart the new school year

Have a great start of the school year with a Babysitting Angel who takes care of the kids

After all the high temperatures and well deserved holidays, the new school year is almost here.. Are you ready?! Here are our tips & tricks to start the new school year.

#1 It's shoppingtime!

Nothing is better than starting the school year FRESH! Go shopping with your little ones for some new school items. A backpack, notebooks & pencils.

#2 Keep things clear

When holidays are over, times can get really busy with all the school activities & playdates. Keep things clear by making your own familyplanner, design it yourself with your holiday pictures for example. Super easy & now you’ll never forget to prepare your kids swimwear for swimclass or all the birthday parties.

#3 Go on the road!

Good to know, also in September there are enough festivals and other events! So go out together before autumn kicks in.

Charly Cares' babysitter gets the kids from school with the cargo bike

#4 Arrange the babysitter

Book your Babysitting Angel! She picks up the kids from school, goes out and play with them, & cooks dinner for you and the kids. So you can come home, relax and enjoy some time with the kids.

#5 Back on track

Your alarm will be your best frenemy (friend & enemy). That’s why it can’t harm to already work on your routine. Prepare for a healthy start & maybe try out a new sport.

#6 Bedtime!

Staying up late during the holidays is so fun for the kids, but when school starts they need to go to bed early again. So prepare your kids for the school routine, so they start their first week rested.

#7 Preparation is the key

To start the first Monday morning as good as possible, you need preparation. Get some nice breakfast, look at the weather forecast & pick your kids favorite clothes. And last but definitely not least: don’t forget to set your alarm.

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