Are you already prepared for King's Day?With these tips, you will have the ultimate day out!

Mother and child dress up for Kingsday

For some, King's Day is the most fun party of the year. For others, an extra stressful moment: what do I wear this time? Well, orang is just no the most flattering colour. But still, it is amazing to see the Netherlands gradually colour orange on Willem Alexander's birthday. We give you 5 tips to enjoy the ultimate kingsday!

1# Reserve your spot

A child with a grabbelton at the Vrijmarkt in Utrecht

Days before, the streets are already marked with tape and early in the morning, stalls are already being set up; the street market! You can already prepare by clearing out the attic in search of knickknacks to sell with the kids! Out of old junk? Think of other fun ways to earn money with the kids; from baking and selling cookies to games, there is something for everyone!Tip: Be there early! In many towns, the market officially starts the night before King's Day: Thursday 26 April. A fun night with stalls full of fun stuff for all ages. Did you already look at which markets are near you?

#2 Let's dance!

An impression of a festival at Kingsday
Source: Joey Thompson.

It is fun seeing all the markets and games for the kids. But during King's Night or as a perfect ending/beginning to King's Day, it would of course be amazing to visit a festival or spend the night with friends too. Which is nice since there is a lot to choose from: many fun festivals and popular parties are happening during King's Day. Make the most out of your night off and get some tickets for even more orange fun ❤ !By the way! Be sure to check the ‘early bird tickets’ in advance 😎.

#3 Who watches the little ones?

A child that plays with his toys
Source: Li Tzuni.

Preparing for King's Night or a fun King's Day is of course dependent on whether or not you managed to find a sweet Babysitting Angel for the little ones. Be sure to book a Babysitting Angel quickly, before she herself makes plans to go out! That way, you can enjoy your orange event in peace! Curious as to which Babysitting Angels are available in your neighbourhood? Sign up in the app and see directly which Babysitting Angels are available in your neighbourhood.

#4 Let the sunshine in

A child happily eats an ice cream in front of an orange wall
Source: Jared Sluyter.

Every year we ask ourselves whether or not it will stay dry, because King's Day is of course a lot more fun when the sun is shining 😉. It is still hard to tell what the weather will be like exactly, but luckily there are a few ways to keep track of the weather predictions. Through, you can see the forecast up to two weeks in advance for every town. Are you more curious as to whether it will remain dry? Have a look at They keep track of the expected rainfall every hour, but also for the next two weeks.

#5 Special tip!

The Royal family on Kingsday

Every year, one municipality is in uproar when the royal family visits on King's Day. This year, our birthday king Willem-Alexander will be in Groningen! It is a bit far, but for the real go-getters who want to catch a glimpse of Willem, a visit to Groningen surely is not to be missed!

Never walk alone

The family will be received on April 27 at the gate to the Prinsenhof. They will then proceed to walk to the Martinikerkhof, visit the Martinikerk, the Grote Marks, the Waagplein, the Boteringestraat, the Broerplein, the Stoeldraaierstraat and, as the grand finale, the Vismarkt!

The Children's Market

During King's Day, there will be several neighbourhood activities, such as the new Children’s Market! This year, kids in the Westerhaven can sell their stuff from 09:00 until 18:00. A market for and by kids!

Foodfestival ‘Achter de Ellebogen’

In the city centre, several food trucks will serve the most delicious bites and drinks to really put the cherry on top of the Orange celebration! On the Vishoekplein at the Hoge de A, you can get your fill and unwind to then again jump back into the Orange craze!