Charly Cares and ABN AMRO introduce direct online payments on the babysitting platform

Today, babysitting platform Charly Cares, in collaboration with ABN Amro, is launching a new tool that enables the direct payment of the platform workers. A unique solution in the Netherlands for paying babysitters directly via the platform. Where in the past babysitters often had to wait at least 4 work days for their babysitting earnings, they will now receive their earnings automatically into their bank account directly after the babysitting service.


With this new innovation, Charly Cares wants to remain a leader in disruptive strategy to make the babysitting market better, quicker, and more transparent. Founder Charly van der Straten: “Only by continuously offering solutions and thus adding value can we become indispensable to our users and can a platform like Charly Cares grow qualitatively and quantitatively.” A much-discussed topic within the platform economy is the so-called by-pass, when users bypass the platform and book outside of the platform. Edwin van Bommel, ABN AMRO Chief Innovation Officer, confirms: “If a flex worker has to wait a long time before being paid, this can be quite demotivating. By removing the waiting time obstacle, we make it more attractive for this group to continue working via platforms.”

Immediate, automatic payments

Payments happen in real time. After a babysitting service, the parent arranges the payment with the press of a button in the app. The so-called Charly Cares ‘Babysitting Angels’ are happy with this new feature. Babysitter Romy: “I was disappointed that it would often take some time before I received my earnings. I think it's super chill that the money is now immediately in my account. If I don't have that much money left at the end of the month, I can always take on some extra babysitting services and I'll receive the money immediately.