Charly Cares is the first babysitting service worldwide with an insurance for babysitters. This insurance ensures that our Babysitting Angels are well insured for possible damage sustained during a babysitting service. “Accidents happen, especially with children around. Material damage can be prevented, but there is also the kind of damage we prefer not to think of, such as injury to a child. This insurance is of great added benefit for both our Angels as well as the parents who use our service”, so says founder Charly van der Straten.

The Angel insurance has come about in collaboration with Aon. “When Charly Cares first inquired about a possible liability insurance for her ‘Angels’, we thought it important to look further than just an insurance,” says Hans van der Velde of Aon. “By adding a 24/7 doctor helpline to the initial insurance need, Charly improves her service and heightens the trust with both her Angels and parents.” This innovative solution from Aon fully fits the character of Charly Cares.